And the Winner of Super Bowl 50…

Posted By Howard Eskin on February 6, 2016.

This may be one of the more difficult Super Bowls to pick a winner.

Each team has winning qualities. Denver has the number one defense in the NFL. Carolina however is not chopped liver. Usually the better QB comes out the winner in the game. This year it’s clear Cam Newton is the better quarterback. Peyton Manning has all the‎ cerebral hype but which QB has the ability to score and won’t turn the ball over? At one point I thought no way Peyton can put enough points on the board.

But it looks too easy to think Carolina will win the game. The world likes the Panthers. But picking this game can never be that easy.

Interesting to note the last 5 quarterbacks that won the MVP award for the season the same year as the Super Bowl, have lost the game. Sounds crazy but true.

Teams that blowout a team in the playoffs the previous game have a terrible record the next game especially when they score 40 or more‎. Those teams 3-11 straight up and 0-14 against the spread.

I know the game is played on the field but when it looks too easy it’s not easy.

I’m not a Peyton Manning guy with his 500 playoff record and 1-2‎ Super Bowl Record.

But I feel like this movie will play out with a happy ending.

Peyton Manning will go off into the sunset winning his last game, and the Super Bowl is what movies are made of.

Denver 27

Carolina 20

Underdogs have won 14 Super Bowls straight up.

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