Why are we so crazy over number 3?

Posted By Howard Eskin on August 18, 2015.

The Eagles have many decisions to make on this football team. When you get down to the final wide receiver spots that’s a tough decision. The defensive backfield, the offensive line and other tough decisions.

But Philadelphia is all worked up over the 3rd string quarterback. And here’s where I don’t get it. The Tim Tebow love. I know the guy is a great person, terrific around the team and the locker room and just the All American guy. But this is the NFL. It’s about the best players. Tim Tebow has not shown he is an NFL quarterback. In Sunday’s game he held the ball too long which led to 3 sacks. He does not make good decisions and that has happened in practice as well. But he’s a great guy.

The third string QB is almost never used and Chip Kelly did not dress the third QB all last season. But if fans are honest with themselves they clearly saw Matt Barkley is the better QB. Barkley is a lot better this year than last. He shows how his comfort level has increased.

So why the Tim Tebow love? There’s a reason he’s been out of football for 2 years. ‎A quarterback needs more than to run. Needs better accuracy than we see with Tebow.

So help me. Why the media craze? Why the love?‎ Doesn’t it have to be more than being the all American Guy?

I guess it’s just a simple…He’s a nice guy!

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