Phillies Out of Touch

Posted by Howard Eskin on August 1, 2014 in Phillies


Baseball has spoken to The Phillies. Your players that were out for the taking at the trade deadline are not that good. Its another case of the Phillies having a higher value on their players than any team thought was good value.

Fans blame the GM Ruben Amaro for not making a trade. I blame Amaro and the organization for having too high an opinion of their players.

Cole Hamels was not being shopped. Those reports were a joke. Chase Utley obviously does not want to play for a winner and will not approve a trade. Chase wants comfort rather than another championship. That’s sad when a player thinks that way.

So the players that then become the trade bait are Marlon Byrd and Antonio Bastardo. Byrd is a nice player, but leads the team in strikeouts. And he’s 36. He obviously was overvalued by the Phils. And Bastardo is so over valued by the Phillies.

Dom Brown can’t play. Papelbon is not a great closer anymore and makes too much money. Ben Revere can’t play the outfield and Ryan Howard may be done and is owed 60 million after this year.

So you tell me what could the Phillies get in any trades.

Phillies fans have to stop drinking the Kool Aid. Baseball has told the Phillies and Ruben Amaro Loud and Clear, your players are not that good.

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