NFL: We Want The Truth

Posted by Howard Eskin on September 10, 2014

roger_goodellIf the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell had been honest from the beginning in the Ray Rice situation the league would not be in this position.

The NFL could always do anything they wanted. Tell us anything and do anything because they have the most power in sports. Until now!

The NFL and the Baltimore Ravens have been living a lie. Back on February 15th of this year Ravens Running Back Ray Rice punched his fiancée at the time, Janay Palmer, so hard he knocked her unconscious and could have killed her with a vicious left hand fist to the head. The NFL, the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlantic City authorities started the cover-up and all the time knew it was on video.

The Commish Roger Goodell finally spoke on Tuesday and addressed what I was told in February. Rice dropped his fiancée with a left. Then Goodell took the easy way out with a one person interview with a CBS reporter rather than a News Conference. Ray Rice dropped his now wife with the most brutal act of domestic violence. The tape existed, many people had the video, we now have all seen.

But Goodell continues to tell us he never saw it. That’s a LIE. The NFL has the best investigators in America which include former FBI agents. The attorney for Ray Rice had the video and Revel hotel Casino told the NFL and the Ravens they could have it too from the attorney. Yet Tuesday night Goodell is still living the lie. Still trying to continue their cover up, that at one time tried to keep Ray Rice in the league and keep Baltimore competitive with Rice on the team.

In the NFL its all about ratings which lead to more money.

Roger Goodell said again he did not see the video, but that many people had. Said his people did not either. I was told by NFL people they sure have seen it. But Goddell added one other facet to his denial. The NFL people had not seen it but said, “to the best of his knowledge.” He gave us his out to continue the lie.

The NFL has now damaged the shield. Roger Goodell and the Ravens should always remember, “The truth will set you free.”

But its obvious the NFL will continue to lie and try and make it the truth.

Sad when the crime is this serious and disgusting.

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