The NFL Draft Is About Dreaming

Posted By Howard Eskin on March 31, 2016.


It’s amazing how every year the NFL draft creates so many dreams.

It’s always what in many cases are guesses, fictional tweets and website fodder. ‎Amazing how it usually centers around a quarterback. And Eagles fans seem to be the most gullible.

Last year it was the certainty, at least in many tweets and reports, that Chip Kelly was going to do everything to get QB Marcus Mariota ‎in the draft. Never mind that anyone with half a brain should know it was all but impossible to trade from 20 in the first round of the draft to the second spot. That didn’t stop the reports or the gullibility of the Eagle fans.

That brings us to this year. Still weeks away from the draft ‎to dream that the Eagles are moving from the 8th pick in the first round up to 2, for North Dakota St. quarterback Carson Wentz.

First fans should be warned, despite the ESPN talking heads putting Wentz right up there with Joe Montana, Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady, OK so maybe I went overboard with the talking head networks comparison – Wentz is still a long way from even being a good NFL quarterback. And what the heck is with Ron Jaworski going ga ga over Wentz. (“The ball explodes out of his hand.”) Is this a video game?

But my point is not that the QB failures in the drafts first 10 picks far outweigh the ‎ones that make it.

But here’s the reality Eagles fans ‎need to grab hold of and do it before their hearts are broken again in the draft. This team needs to protect any quarterback of the team and not taking an offensive lineman that can eventually play at the tackle will only set this team back.

I’m not saying the Eagles won’t take a QB but not in the first round. And having the front office scout and workout QB’s is just doing their job. They will take a quarterback but later in the draft.

Take a deep breath and understand there will be no outrageous trades and a quarterback will not be the Eagles ‎first pick.

To help you through this ask yourself one question. What team has gotten to a Super Bowl by trading down that many spots in the top 10 for a QB.


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