NFC East: All Eagles

Posted by Howard Eskin on August 29, 2014

image319It seems like the pre season in the NFL never ends. With the practice games finally over, now it’s time to look at the Eagles and their chances in the NFC East.

You can cut this up any way you want, but if the Eagles don’t win the divisional this season there should be an investigation. The reasons are simple, and the answers are obvious.

Take a look at the quarterbacks in the division. Nick Foles, even without a lot of experience as a starter, is better than the rest of the division. He won’t have the 27 to 2 ratio with TD’s to interceptions, but I think he will have more TD passes.

The New York Giants at one time had the better quarterback with Eli Manning. No longer. With a bad NY Giants offensive line, Eli doesn’t have the guts anymore to stand up to that pressure. “She-li” goes down quickly when he sees the jail breaks coming at him.

The expectations are that Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III will come back this year after an injury he suffered two seasons ago. I don’t think he can play well in the pocket and if/when he runs he will get hurt again. The Redskins will be lucky to be a .500 team this season.

And with the Dallas Cowboys all you have to know is that Tony Romo can’t win. That’s why the Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game in forever and that’s because they don’t get there. And I think Romo may still be hurt after back surgery. There are so many reasons the Cowboys don’t win. Just know Jerry Jones is still too involved.

Let’s make this simple as we head into the season–the Eagles at 11-5 and they’ll also be the NFC East Champs for the second straight year. This is almost too easy.

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