Is That all You Got Roger?

Posted by Howard Eskin on September 21, 2014


I expected so much more from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell than what I heard at his news conference. In this case I’m not alone with wanting more than Goodell gave us. Nothing.

He did say “I got it wrong”, in the Ray Rice situation. Not exactly a bold statement when everybody saw that video in the elevator. I still believe he or someone in his office not only knew the tape exists, but someone in the office saw it. He denied that again.

But what did he tell us when he had 9 days to prepare for this news conference. Not a lot. He will put in new programs in the NFL, and hire new people. But what’s happening.

I’m so tired of hearing the players have to get due process. What about the woman and in one case the kids? Don’t they deserve due process? The teams and the NFL know when a player was physically abusive. The pictures exist in every case.

And I’m still wondering, with all the players that we know were involved in domestic cases and are not playing, but one is missing.

But I have more questions. Why is the 49ers Ray McDonald still playing? He was arrested, but not charged yet. But I’m told there are photos of the woman he physically abused. Pictures with bruises. So why is he playing?

And why are players who are put on nonplaying lists getting their paychecks? Why not hold at least half of their paychecks and if found innocent, they get the money back? If guilty they lose it.

Roger Goodell looked uncomfortable and didn’t deliver, but I will give him one more chance to get these things right.

I don’t think he should resign. He should stay to get these creeps out of the NFL. The clock is ticking.

I want to talk about the games again in the NFL.

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