Blow up The Phillies

We all know the Phillies are done for this season. Actually for a few seasons.

So what should the GM Ruben Amaro do with this team. BLOW them up! Really Blow them up.

Start anywhere you want. I would release Ryan Howard because he is untradable with his 25 million a year contract for two years after this season.

Trade any player on the team, other than Cole Hamels. The biggest problem is too many players have no trade clauses or partial no trades.

The Phillies have to look at trading Chase Utley even though he has said he would not approve a trade. His skills have declined and the Phillies will go no where with Utley. They need Chase to say yes.

Left fielder Dom Brown is not a starting outfielder. Trade him for whatever you can get. ANYTHING!

AJ Burnett may approve a trade to Pittsburgh.

The bullpen despite numbers that look good are not that good. Antonio Bastardo needs to go. The obvious trade out of the bullpen is Jonathan Papelbon. He’s a cancer and pay whatever you have to pay of his contract and take whoever you can.

You get the idea. The Phillies will be bad with these players and can’t be much worse with new ones.

Take whatever prospects you can get and blow it up!